A Balmy Scenario

I have to wonder who it was that looked at the sap on the side of a tree, or maybe  oozing from a plant, stuck their finger into it and as they watched  it coat their


said to the person who was  with them on that day

 ” hey, do I have a great idea for this stuff! “

Myroxylon peruiferum.

and then the person they were with that day ( I’ll bet it was a nice warm Spring  afternoon with Honey  Bees and Lady Bugs and birds flying around ) asked while staring at

the goo on their Companion’s fingertip and

probably wondered where they were going to wipe it clean  asked

” and  what is your great idea ? “

Photographer Unknown Bee Balm Plant-

and that person, who saw the sap on the side of a tree or maybe on a plant and now had a dab of it on the tip of their finger  said:

Inspired By The Word of the Day Challenge: BALSAM

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