Written On My Skin

Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?


Years ago I really wanted a wolf tattoo ( considered myself fierce ) and then I changed my mind and wanted Anubis ( because I was an embalmer, so it made sense ) and than I wanted allons-y ( I was in that frame of mind…actually still am).

I guess by this point I could have had three tattoos.

So I mentioned it to my sister.

My sister made it clear to me that somewhere out there, there is a tattoo needle loaded with hepatitis just waiting for me to walk in so it can infect and kill me.

I now know more than any one person needs to know about diseases you can get if you were to get a tattoo- but not to worry, my Sister is convinced that needle has my name on it so don’t worry you could use it and you’ll be fine.

And then I told my Mom.


I’ll bet you think can see where this is going.


You don’t know my Mom.

She thought it was a great idea.

She suggested little flowers, not roses though. But pretty little flowers- maybe on my shoulder or ankles ( Yes, plural ).

She told me how nice it would look with my skin coloring.

I told her what I wanted and she said, ” Oh. That’s nice too. But remember. Get small ones or nobody will notice your face or your hair and your face is so pretty.

So I went from feeling like a fierce, fearless, rebel to  the daughter of a woman who is a fierce, fearless, rebel and I thought:

” I could tattoo my face and I will never be able to make  being a rebel look so smooth and easy as my Mom was in that conversation.

And I still don’t have a tattoo.


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  1. It’s an interesting story, Anita. I feel you have a nice family. You don’t have tatoos. I don’t have them either. It’s much less of fashion here in India. Thanks 🙂 Anand

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