When Patriots Act

I Pledge Allegiance
Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?


Am I Patriotic?

Well, sure.

I believe in the Superman Tag line… Truth, Justice And The American way.

I believe we should all be able to have a say and the chance to be heard and that your fellow American shouldn’t snap flags or placards so loud they drown you out.

I think that when our ” Founding Fathers” risked being executed  for treason they didn’t sit around smoking Pipes while leafing through THE HOLY BIBLE and  casually shooting the breeze in scholarly tones  about  what would make The United States a great place to live.

I think they were hoping they could pull this off and live to tell the tale.  I think they were scared. I’ll bet they wished they didn’t have to go where they felt they had to go.

So sure I am a Patriot.

I want my fellow Americans to be able to say what they have to say without being drowned out, I want them to be able to challenge the system and ideas without being told when they can do it and what they can say … and by the way… threatening people with arrest when they offend your political sensibilities is exactly why a bunch of people put themselves on boats and sailed to the other side of the world and risked their lives to begin with.

So in the that Spirit I am a Patriot because I say so.

I don’t need anybody’s blessing or instruction on how to be a Good American. I do my best everyday to be a good person, to be a credit to my family and community.

But I have to admit (mainly because I don’t want to end this on a rant but would rather end it on a laugh ) when I was old enough to Vote my Mom use to wait for me at the door with my ballot and she made sure I voted. When I was in a rush I would ask who to vote for and she would say, ” Ask you Dad who he is voting for and DO NOT  vote for the same people.”

So God Bless America and Let’s Play Ball.

All of us.

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