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Your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.


Just before I went to Vegas last month I made up my mind to the fact that unless I really buckled down I wasn’t really going to get back into my writing in any meaningful way.

There were things that had come up that seemed like I should pay attention to- like  the Presidential Elections- what a fucking monumental waste of time that has been.

My time would have been better spent watching Honey Boo Boo marathons on TLC. I mean, we all know Reality TV is not real but we are convinced Campaigns  are.

Campaigns are stories about the candidate and their vision for the Office they seek.  It’s not a lie exactly, but it is a story.

In this case I could have shot a better story out of my nose.

And then for my own special reasons I decided I needed to be polite and patient with people who drove me up the freaking wall, across the ceiling and straight into the ground.

So instead of worrying about why my blog was not being worked on, or my short story collection I wanted  everyone to be happy ( even if they were driving me insane) and if I had to suck rotten eggs to make that happen I would.

My family have always been my strongest supporters and telling them I hadn’t been doing much writing lately was like saying, ‘ I hate to say this, but when I was backing the car out of the driveway I ran over everyone’s dog and cats. I even ran over the fish in Esther’s pond. I don’t know how they all got there but they’re all smooshed.”

Well. I made good on it.

Not about killing my family member’s pets-When I got home I started to write again.

And lo and behold my older neglected blog picked up a bunch of new subrscribers and my stats were pretty healthy for a site I hadn’t worked on for two years.

So now I go to work, I work on notes during lunch. I read books on my break and on the bus to and from work. I come home walk the dog, eat dinner and I write.

My social life is in the toilet and I am so pale I actually started to wear a lot of makeup and long sleeves and jeans, In case you haven’t heard it was in the upper 90’s in Seattle and the State is on fire.

But I’m writing again, and I’m writing in areas I had never worked in before so I’m pretty excited about that.

So I’m pale, so all I do is work, read and write and sometimes I go out and do stuff.

But I think I’m much more careful with my time and how I spend it. I wish I had learned that years ago.

But I’m a writer again and I think that is all that matters.


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