They’ve made a Christmas movie about Krampus.

William Shatner is in it.

It’s called a  Christmas Horror Story.

Santa is an Ninja who fights Krampus.

A little kid stabs his dad in the hand with a fork

And Santa’s Elves turn into Zombies.

I…I need a moment to reflect on this ….a horror movie about Christmas? Well. Krampus is a traditional Christmas story . But forks and hanging and blood? wait….I’m reflecting on this…still reflecting….


I’m done.




Still Crushing

First Crush

Who was your first childhood crush? What would you say to that person if you saw him/her again?

When I was 5 years old I fell hard for my first childhood crush.

I wanted to marry him, become a Captain of my own Spaceship and when we were done sailing through space for the day,  I had it planned: we could dock our spaceships in Transylvania  and take lots and lots of walks in the spooky moonlight and we could take turns saving each other’s lives when the bad guys and monsters would pop up.

Indeed my first crush was Captain James T. Kirk and when I fell for him I never stopped falling.

I mean, he was even on episodes of the Twilight Zone! That was my favorite tv show and when he would pop up in episodes my little heart just melted.


As I grew up  I would watch  anything William Shatner was on. I’d watch his interviews on tv I thought he was just the most handsome man ever and that swagger.



It would be easy just to focus on the smooshie aspect of my crush, but I actually took  more away from my first crush then that.

I wanted to be an explorer, I wanted to be brave, I wanted to be fair and be able to kick some ass if I had to.

I think in a way I’ve done those things.

So if I could say anything to my first crush it would be…

” You inspired me.”



When I was in the 8th grade we started to tackle LITERATURE.

My English teacher at the time was a great and by the time we had finished reading books like War and Peace and Romeo and Juliet and A Tale of Two Cities we had actually learned something.  A few of us actually loved those books enough to take on other books that we probably wouldn’t have read until High School or even College.

At the end of each unit we were tested and I loved the Essay part-  we got to free write about what we had just read.

You could pick up a lot of extra points if you completed that section.

I wrote in part: Everybody DIES it’s worse then Salems Lot by Stephen King. I’m glad Romeo and Juliet didn’t have a dog because Shakespeare probably would have killed it too.

I went on to say I liked Shakespeare because he was like Stephen King .

Now days when I get dragged off to an Arts In The Park type of a thing I remember my teacher handing back our test papers and before he handed me back mine he asked,

” Do you really feel that Mr, King and Mr. Shakespeare had  a lot in common Miss Godfrey? “

” Yes. I told you. They saw monsters in everyone. They saw them everywhere. But Shakespeare made it sound pretty.”

My teacher tossed my paper on my desk.

I got an A.