The Frankenstein Moon

Stroke of Midnight

Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else? 

We all know what we’re supposed to do on New Year’s Eve. We all know we’re supposed to eat, drink and be Merry as we weep over the year that’s leaving us and weep over the one that’s coming.

We look at the future like a newborn baby and we have all the hope in the world for it.

All that changes are the clothes, the hairstyles and the addition or subtraction of friends and family in attendance.

So for once…okay I lie…I wish  with every atom I’m made up from that for each New Year that comes my way I could chose the strangest most exotic places to visit and from those places I would toast the New Year on a place like



Miranda is called The Frankenstein Moon because it looks like it was put together with the remains of other moons or left over parts of other planets.

Now scientists believe it was shaped by the gravity of Uranus…which is pretty darn funny when you think about it.

I could make a boat load of butt jokes here but I won’t.

I want too, but I won’t.

Anyway, I’d love to be on Miranda for New Year’s Eve  because it does look like a monster, I’d be all over it with the enthusiam of  a kid with a new bike…but in this case I’d probably take a robot with me


I’d explore every inch of that Monster Moon and in middle of exploring places like this:


I’d turn to my robot, who I’d have named Macbeth, after my dog Hamish Macbeth:

Everyone say 'Hi' to Hamish Macbeth!

Everyone say ‘Hi’ to Hamish Macbeth!

And I’d say, ” Hell’s Bells Macbeth, it’s New Years back on Earth! And then I’d pop open a bottle of Champagne, toast my friends back on Earth and laugh myself to death because I’m on a moon that looks like it was made by Victor Frankenstein and it’s circling a planet called Uranus and damn I love science.


All kidding aside, I think it would be the Bee’s Knees to be able to pick a world, a moon, be on a spaceship that could get up close and personal with a Magnetar (those monsters will suck the iron right out of your blood) and ring in the New Year light years away from Earth.


I think if I could do that I wouldn’t mind getting all mushie and sentimental for the year I missed on Earth, all of my friends and family who I wasn’t able to be with and how I have hope that in the next year I’d wander on back to Earth and stay for awhile.



Apples, Muses and Me


I have a serious love of all things apple.

I love apples fresh, baked, candied (especially candied). I love apple juice, I love apple wine, I love the way they look and smell.

I especially love that satisfying crunch when you bite down into one.

Not only do they taste good they come with a story, a horror story to boot.

In the bible Adam and Eve bite into the Apple and  before you know it, they’re in Hell. A Devil is involved. Pain and suffering are involved. They realize they’re naked.

Because of an apple.

Don’t over think that here, this isn’t a bible class,  this is a story about Apples.


I remember when I was about 7 my Grandpa Bert said to me, ” You know how an apple a day can keep the doctor away?”

Actually, I did want to know. You hear it a lot when your either about to eat or are in the middle of eating an apple.

” You throw it at him really  hard”

I was probably mid-crunch when I looked up at Grandpa Bert and nodded. ” Okay. I can do that.”

He patted me on the head, smiled and walked away.


Now that I have gone all around the apple orchard- this is what an apple a day has to do with writing daily.

I took part in this year’s Holidailies 2015 and YES I posted daily.

I took the challenge because I dropped the daily writing habit and in my opinion my writing suffered for it.

I played around on Facebook everyday, I managed to watch my favorite shows on DVD everyday, I managed to do a lot of other things everyday except for writing.

At one point I wrote that I treated my writing like a toy. I played with and at some point it rolled under the couch I didn’t bother to look for it. I  only ran across it when I  was looking for something else.

Sad to say, the apple bit me back.


There are a lot of good points to be made about writing daily, there are some great ones listed in this article:

Why You Should Write Daily

The most important one is this: when you do something everyday it becomes a part of your life. Not part of a routine, or a lifestyle, YOUR LIFE.

In my case, when I stopped writing I felt less…I felt less curious, less adventurous, less confident. I also felt a lot less interesting.

Something was missing  – and I’m pretty sure what I was missing was that part of me that sparks the rest of me to action, to life.

crossroads guitar

So this month-long project helped me to understand a few things, it opened my mind up to new possibilities I can take up with my writing.

I think  Muse is facepalming itself ( because I think my Muse is a male… that’s me…SWIM AGAINST THAT TIDE ANITA MARIE!) because I’m finally listening to it again.

It couldn’t have been an easy job to get my creativity back on track, to get the mojo working…TO GET ME OFF FACEBOOK FOR FIVE MINUTES.

But someone my Muse did it, despite having me to inspire.

I must have been like that rock Sisyphus had to roll up the hill … but I think my Muse did it.

He got me up to the top.

I also think if I roll back down again it will find a bigger rock and smoosh me with it.

Sisyphus by von Stuck

I learned something in December about me and writing.

It was well worth the journey.

So here’s to apples, Muses and dare I say…me.