The Dry Riverbed


Yesterday I managed to make it to the Frye Museum to feed the Muse-  and myself because I did manage to score a lavender flavored  cupcake and a Ginger Beer on the way- but as luck would have it they were between exhibits so there wasn’t a lot to see- happy day for me regardless… one of my favorite paintings was there so I visited that for awhile:

The Sin by Von Stuck

The Sin by Von Stuck

I did check out a few more paintings and then I hit the gift shop- and there on the table was this little blue book in a neat little pile of other little blue books surrounded by other books in stacks and holiday cards and I think some postcards.

The cover was simple and uncomplicated

It had a silver acorn in the middle and it was by Yoko Ono.

I watched my friend pick it up and leaf through it, and a few more people did the same after her. So when there was  a clear spot, I went to the table and picked up the book and opened it.

I read:


Imagine water coming down a dry riverbed

I saw myself standing in a dry riverbed… I saw  the water before I heard it. As it raced towards me the I watched the water push pebbles and rocks ahead of it as it crashed down  towards me. I Could smell the dust, hear the parched earth crackle and hiss…

I closed the book and held that image in my mind for a moment.

Then I read a few more pages and these ideas for stories just flooded into my head.

It took my breath away.


So here was this simple looking book written by a woman I had only ever viewed in one way ( and it wasn’t bad, I like her -she’s has a quiet dignity about her, but I saw her as the other half of John Lennon.) and I open this book to a page read a few words and a story starts to write itself in my head.

My friend Heather Blakey has several GUIDED IMAGERY PROMPTS that I would suggest trying out at the her site the Soul Food Cafe.

In addition I would suggest picking up a copy of Acorn by Yoko Ono. It is truly inspirational.