Milo The Muse Has A Rough Day At Work

A new writing adventure begins with my Muse!

At The Crossroads

House of The Muse

Flight of Imagination


This was a room where writers become writers!

The room is big, but not overwhelmingly so,

soft lighting shines from heavy brass lamps and in the center of the room

a beautiful desk stocked with pens and paper.

I walk to the desk, sit down and take up a pen.

” What are you doing?” Milo hisses in my ear.

 ” I am having a flight of imagination. I flew in on a winged horse and I came upon this beautiful room in this beautiful room lit by moonlight and starlight too.”

Milo spins the chair I’m sitting in around, leans over and pushes his nose into my face.

” Have you been drinking?”

I jab my finger into his chest and push him back.

” I have not.”

” Really? Because you sound like it. And where are we? Jesus, have you…

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