Label This

Antonio Garcia Lamolla

Antonio Garcia Lamolla

If people claim to be radicals

and they are all saying the same thing

are they really that different

from you, from her from him?

I don’t want to be a radical

I don’t want to turn the tide

I just want to me the girl who writes

with her loyal dog

by her side

Hamish Macbth-my BFF Photo A.M Moscoso

Photo: Hamish Macbeth by

A.M  Moscoso


Who wants to be labeled?

I don’t even have a tattoo

Why get lost in a crowd

and  speak as one

think as one

Who makes these stupid rules?

Radicals do.

That’s who.


Here’s  a tip

a thought

a clue

just a word

from me to you:


can stand alone, be alone, fight alone

they don’t have to be told what to do.


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