In A Word

Vilhelm Hammershøi

Vilhelm Hammershøi


I work.

I write.

I Sleep.


Is it a chore, is it a slog?

I think not!

I explore, I experience, I laugh and yell.

I create, I paint

pictures with words.

I’ve tasted sweetness

bit  down hard into bitterness

I have touched, been touched, loved and  been hated.

Every morning when the Sun rises

I get to do it again.

Life is not a slog

when you live it

in the moment.


Daily Prompt


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Here Come The Drums

You’re like Voodoo baby,
You just take hold.
Put your cards on the table baby,
Do I twist do I fold?

Let’s just say that someone- like me for instance- has been a voting Democrat since she was 18. That she served as a Recording Secretary for the County Dems, that she was President of a Chapter of  the Women’s Democratic Federation. She has served on a steering committee for a former Presidential Candidate and local candidates and all of the sudden pulls back on the reigns on what has been going on in her Party and says, ” What the HELL is going on here?”

Well. I’d be curious to know what’s going on.

So I decided to write about it today.



My LD has a Facebook page where this is  proudly posted on it’s cover page:



For the most part I thought that was true- and then a few months ago I was completely BANNED from the page. I couldn’t even see it.

The Chair of our LD said he had NO idea why that happened- it was a mystery to him. Of course, the fact that a member of my family was being challenged by the Chair’s BFF  in an upcoming race had NOTHING to do with it I am sure.

Eventually I was allowed back on- though the Chair to this day has no idea HOW it happened because NOBODY did it.

What I hadn’t realized that the banning had started just before the Primary and continued long after it was over.

Eventually it was easy to see that the individuals being banned and who were having their party loyalty questioned, who were being cyber bullied, who were being invited to butt out of the conversation were not supporters of the Chair’s BFF.

Long story short- The Chair’s  BFF made it through the Primary but not everyone was in love with the outcome- and they started to express it in Social Media- because that’s the new Town Hall as you may have sussed out.

My friend posted a letter on the page written by a person who was not going to  be supporting our Chair’s BFF- the author of the letter was Peter Evans and my friend Vince was the person who posted it:


Here was the response from one of the Administrators:


You’re like Voodoo Honey
All silver and gold?
Why don’t you tell me my future?
Why don’t I sell you my soul.

So the  this is how the Chair and his lil’ gang are getting their candidate’s message out: they are trying to silence by censorship anyone who disagrees with them- let me be clear- they’re not slapping duct tape over the mouths of Republicans. They’re doing it to their OWN.

So here’s the LD’s new game plan:

If you walk their line and say what they want- you get to be a Democrat with the Blessings of the Chair of The First LD and his BFF.

They MIGHT even let you have your say.

Just a little advice: I’d hide that Voter Registration Card if I were you- never can tell when  you’ll be asked to turn it in, though I have a sneaky feeling I know who will be doing the asking.

So here it comes – the sound of drums.
Here comes the drums, here comes the drums?