So Help Me Dior

It was time- my hair needed work.

So on THE DAY I put on my favorite Dior Makeup- which is  what I do when I’m serious about cleaning up and looking a little less rough around the edges as usual and I took myself to my stylist of over 20 years.

” Oh. ” he said. ” Well. It’s not that bad.”

He picked up a brush and tapped it against the palm of his hand and did not smile.

So he worked his magic and set me under the dryer where I was left to consider not skipping out on my appointments. ” Well at least I didn’t have to wear a ponytail.” I said with a light little laugh.

The silence was deafening.



I always have high hopes for these days- and guess what my hair did end up looking pretty awesome…it was bouncy and the color was just right…it felt perfect…

now if we could just do something about what is UNDER it:


What can I say.

I live in hope.

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