What Remains

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I was leaving work one day, rushing to catch the train because my knee was acting up ( paying me back for all of those times I used it to brace my falls out of trees, those times I threw the weight of the world on it when I was riding dirt bikes and motorcycles) when I had to slow down.

In fact I had to come to a dead stop. So I took a moment to look down from the stairs to the tracks behind my work when I saw a little clutch of men in uniforms- some were law enforcement, others I suppose work for the railroad.

A few late arrivals to the little group trotted up to them and then walked- briskly but a lot more slowly then I would have thought people in a hurry normally moved.

It was hard to see what they were all so interested in.

I had a feeling that whatever they were doing they were keeping a distance from what brought them there.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I had a train to catch, plus that was the day before my vacation started so after snapping a few pictures that I wanted to send to my friends at work with jokes about Seattle Parking Enforcement and how they really ARE that aggressive about their jobs – I was down the stairs to the tracks and my train.

I forgot all about the pictures on my camera until I got back to work a week later.

That’s when I found out that someone had been hit by a train and behind that cement post was where they were.

In a light hearted moment, I had captured death.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

The faces of the people working there that day are faint, the person who WAS can’t be seen at all. If you want to know the truth, a lot of people have met their end in that spot or very close to it.

All of those moments, the pictures the memories will fade over time.

But I’m down here every single day and something is here, I can feel it.

It’s always dark and it’s always there- you can see it when your eyes are closed.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

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