Holiday Chocolates, A Ghost and a Mirror

Photo A.M Moscoso

Last month I learned this great ghost story- it involved a chocolate shop, a mirror and a ghost with missing fingers.

The night I learned the story, it was chilly and it was just starting to rain and better yet the shop was closed at the time, so we were all lined up at the window peering into the darkness  towards the back of the shop where the mirror is.

I had my face right up against the glass- of course- and I was thinking to myself:

” I can’t wait to come back in the morning and buy a bunch of chocolates to take home with me.”

Here’s the funny party- I don’t like chocolate. Not even a little. I like milk chocolate and white chocolate ( yes, yes, yes, I KNOW white chocolate is not ‘real’ chocolate ) but as far as the traditional, dark, rich chocolate.

Ugh- I am not a fan.

But I had a plan.

A delicious one.

So the next day I went back and bought a big box of chocolates- and they weren’t little bite sized candies- they were generous sized pieces of chocolate with delicious creamy fillings. I went vampire on a few and drained the filling out, so I can vouch for the heaven that was hiding there in the darkness.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I had my family over for Thanksgiving- and just before pie I pulled out a candy dish stacked with the chocolates

Just after the unwrapping and the moment my family began to sink their teeth into the chocolates I told them the story about the Haunted Candy Store and the ghost with the missing fingers.

They looked at the candy, they looked at me and back at the candy again.

They could have rolled their eyes around and thanked me for ruining the moment- but my family loves a good ghost story and I have been known for bringing up unsavory topics involving graveyards and missing body parts at dinners before so for the most part my story about buying candy from a haunted candy store wasn’t exactly earth shattering.


They chewed, they were in heaven, I was in heaven.

We are all in heaven but for different reasons, as you can guess.

At the end of the evening though- when I was encouraging people to take some of the candy home ( I kid you not- those are BIG pieces of candy. Two people can share one piece and call it good ) I noticed some of us were calling the chocolates ” Ghost Candy.”

Next time I go back to Rogers I might snap a picture of the mirror- and maybe if I’m lucky, there will be a little handprint on it.

Maybe next time I’ll  ask if they have Lady Fingers.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

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