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No one would ever learn her name, or where she came from or why she ended up on that trail on Fletcher’s Ranch with her head pulverized by a shotgun blast.

The Ranch hands- who were actually the Rancher’s teenage children were the ones who came across her remains.

What they told people was how quiet it was out there on that trail. It’s how they started their story and it was how they ended it.

It was quiet and it felt so  peaceful that they both knew one thing for sure.

Something had been watching them.


The story about the Jane Doe would become quite famous because in the end the teenage children- the boy and girl -were tried and convicted for gunning the stranger down in cold blood.

In the end the two of them ended up with delusions so severe that they both ended up in a Supermax  prisons in solitary confinement for everyone else’s protection more then their own. No wonder, the speculation went,  they must have had it in them all along, that dark insanity that enabled them to strip a woman naked and then blow her head off for no reason at all.

But maybe, if anyone had been paying attention to details, instead of spending all of their time trying to prove two well to do teenagers couldn’t possible have committed such a hideous act, MAYBE someone would have wondered more about that radio collar- the one they track wolves with that was found near her body and is still sitting in the evidence locker-

in the dark where it is quiet and you would swear something is in there with you.


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Inspired By The Inktober Prompt: Tranquil