Remember This Always

When she was a child he told her about their family history-

it was full of adventurers, travelers, romance, Magicians, musicians

and artists.


Her eyes lit up and her spirit reached out and tasted the possibilities

of it all.

All of this history was in her blood waiting to be born, recognized and named.


And then her Father laughed at her excitement and said-

over the grave he had dug for her that day-

 ” Well you know, light bulbs burn bright before they burn out “

and he left her there

in the dark

to wait for dreamless life to end.


Daily Addictions Prompt: Reinforce


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Below the surface

under the water

covered in mud and rotted leaves

are where secrets like to hide


Would you reach down

and fish them up?

One by one

even the ones that have teeth?


Below the surface

under the water  covered with leaves

and mud



Inktober: Muddy