Treat Time!


I don’t like to do book or movie reviews, but I will go ahead and recommend three incredible movies for

your Halloween viewing amusement and tell you what I liked about them.

 They will get under your skin and- well you know. They’ll get under your skin because they deal with monsters and demons and ghosts and that’s what those things are supposed to do.


First up.


I liked this because just when you think you’ve got your monsters figured out an you THINK you know how to brace yourself with the horror that is coming next, it turns out that  you are SO wrong. Plus the human monsters are far more malevolent then the Ghoul. That takes some doing if you know anything about the Ghoul ( and I’m not talking about the lightweight modern day Ghouls ) How is that possible? You’ll have to watch it and see for yourself.

” But be careful… The Devil Lives In That Place”


The Blacksmith and The Devil

This is the kind of story that I would normally read when I run into people who leave me wondering,  ” If you got eaten by a shark or a radio fell into your tub when you were taking a bath and you got electrocuted,  would the world be a better place? Because right now, I think the answer is a big yes.”

What I’m saying is, when I contemplate evil, stories like this help me make sense of my feelings.

That aside,  I liked this movie ( a lot ) because it’s like reading a story with cool illustrations and much like evil-it whispers in your ear. It creaks. It sounds like something crawling out from under your bed.

Don’t get me wrong, the sets are dark and breathtaking and everything from the sounds of death to the  Blacksmith’s Lair to the first glimpse you get of the Demon are intense and they are like something out of a nightmare- but they don’t step all over the story.

What’s not to love about that?

It’s sublime.

I like that in my Evil.


The Haunting of Hill House

” What If I dreamed you sent us away into the dark … and I’m on a silver table with my jaw wired shut”

Netflix is running an adaptation of  The Haunting of Hill House and to be honest I was going to take a pass. I watched the first episode and could have left it at that- but I started to wonder as I started to surf around looking for something else to watch,  What was up with this new Hill House- because it wasn’t as you start to see, content with walking alone and I wanted to see how it was going to remedy it’s sad, lonely situation.

I was NOT disappointed.

Of course the characters in the new version have the names of characters from the original with the addition of one named Shirley who is a Funeral Director.

They had me for sure with that. I mean. She’s named for the author of my favorite ghost story and the said character is a funeral director. I was successfully wooed. No fooling it was like getting candy and flowers and a walk through a cemetery on a snowy night with- which is pretty much the game plan if you want to win my heart.

So those are three movies I’d say would go a long way to making your October a little darker, a little creepier and a tad bit weirder.

That’s what they did for me- so enjoy.