There Was A Bite In The Air

I was out taking pictures of my dog- you know, me and Hamish will never be Instagram stars but who cares? Anyway, I was out taking pictures of him and he wasn’t into it so I just clicked a few off and let it go.

It was a great fall day and we had better things to do.

Later I was going over the half dozen pictures I took when I remembered the biggest issue I had is that he wouldn’t look at me.

I went back and found this one, which is the one that sort of summed up all of them.

My normally good natured and somewhat goofy dog was looking up and over my shoulder.

 In every single onehe looked deadly serious- it’s in his eyes.

I wonder what he was looking at on that first day the leaves started to die and fall from the trees and there was a bite in the air.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Let Us Prey

The thing about saying grace is that anyone can do it-anyone.

I’ve learned prayers

to protect me from the dead

to chase away evil

to forgive my sins

I’ve said grace

over meals

before journeys

even the one I take before I sleep.


I sang those words

raged those words


past gritted teeth

through my darkness

ever single day.


So who will stand over me

after I’ve died

and ask that I sleep


God let it be


and that I never walk again.

Daily Addictions: Grace

The Magic Bottles

In a locker

where I work

are rows of bottles

that will give you back your  looks.


They’ll make you look radiant

they’ll improve your skin

each little bottle

will make you live again.


So I will choose one with care

and feed it to you with ease


each little bottle


make you immortal


I turn off the lights

and gently




Inktober: Bottle