And Many More

Several years ago, just before my birthday

I had to remove the remains

of a woman my age

from a care center

where she died alone.

There was a little yellow Beanie Baby Bear on her nightstand and someone had put pale blue fuzzy socks on her feet.  I think one of her care givers gave her the bear and bought her the fuzzy socks.

It must have been nice for her, to have someone care for her like that in the end.

Since then when my birthday rolls around – which had never been a pleasant time for me- I think of it as ‘our Birthday’ and it makes the day a little more tolerable.


But tolerable.


One thought on “And Many More

  1. It’s nice that caring for a loved one in their last days becomes a team effort of close family and friends. That’s something to celebrate as we see ourselves get older each year.

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