Deck Those Halls Everybody!


Every year some members of the population throw hissy fits because of what is or isn’t on Starbuck’s Holiday Coffee cups and those same members are convinced that there is a “War On  Christmas “

To the first point- I don’t care what Starbuck’s does or doesn’t put on their coffee cups because I don’t drink coffee- I’ve never liked the taste. But I do like the cups to be festive  because I get my dog  Puppucinnos  and I like for his cups to be snazzy looking because he is the most awesome dog ever.

To the second point- there is no war on Christmas. If there were do you think you’d see Christmas decorations up before we get a chance to see our Jack-O-Lanterns get sad and moldy on our porches?

However- if there were  Christmas cards like the ones below on the shelves and Krampus was decking our halls and showing up at parades and at the Malls then you can bet your sweet Mistletoe that the same Coffee Cup Haters would be screaming bloody murder about that and demanding that this Devilish mayhem be stopped at once.

Myself, I love the edgy Christmas of long ago and I bring it back in my own way each year- and here’s a sample of  decorations from simpler times and if you have a problem with that go and get yourself a Puppuccino and calm the heck down.

Krampus might see you acting up and you wouldn’t want that.

I would, but trust me- you would NOT.


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