Grandma’s Kitchen


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Some people have stories

about watching their Grandmothers or Great Grandmothers

baking fresh bread in their kitchens.


The sun was always streaming through the windows on those bread baking days

as  Grandma told her stories  about her Mother baking bread

once upon a time and long ago

and magically you could still smell Spring flowers in her warm Fall kitchen

as she melodically told her story

and you clung to each word.


Sweet memories

always warm and tasty as we share them

exactly like the  bread Grandma used to bake.


My Grandma

didn’t bake bread and she didn’t tell sweet kitchen stories

from long ago.


My Grandmother

used to tell me ghost stories

that she kept warm on her baker’s rack

we shared them

hungrily, ravenously

between us when the world was  dead asleep.


Her stories still  come alive for me


they magically fill  the air

falling around me like crispy autumn leaves

when I am in my kitchen

and the world is dead asleep

and winter is setting in.

5 thoughts on “Grandma’s Kitchen

  1. My family is big on the Christmas Eve Ghost story tradition, though it seemed to be something that happened as opposed to planned.
    Never baked bread- I don’t have the patience for it, but I do love to bake during the winter months.

  2. Scary ghost stories on Christmas Eve are a long time tradition.
    I thought you were going to note that you bake bread too.

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