When Horror Writers Dream



A writer

with pen in hand

an idea in her brain

trapped in dream that could mean she is not quite sane.


She  questions the man who rides next to her on the train

Do you think I am a creep? Almost pretty  but not quite there?

I was left for dead because I was not fuckable

by Prince Charming with Mommy issues.


Go ahead look away

I don’t care.

I have no face, no place to go, nowhere to be, I’m really not here she says

into his pale and frightened face.

No one will believe I was real.

They never have.


The writer with Pen in hand

an empty notebook waiting to be fed

could go anywhere unnoticed

and dress  like a whore, a soccer mom,  a serial killer with pink and yellow hair..

She could be sitting next to you,  standing behind you right now.


The writer’s life is a dream

A nightmare that she could wake up from

if she was really asleep

and wanted to.

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