Tuesday Musings

I  hate the Bernie Bros and the Millennials who think that Obama didn’t ‘try hard enough’ when he was President to give them everything they wanted with the stroke of a pen.

I hate the Berners who fell all over themselves to thank the Latinos in Nevada for giving them a good night but I happen to personally know a few of you Berners who haven’t done SHIT for that community in our state so seriously- stop embarrassing yourselves. They served you well in Nevada  and that’s what you were thanking them for.

I don’t know what Super Tuesday will bring but knowing that you had a CRAPTACULAR night in South Carolina made up  for the ocean of verbal vomit you’ve been spewing all over social media and on my commute home.

Lucky for you  seeing you melt down over SC helped firm my resolve to vote for BS IF he becomes the nominee.

But to be frank, the lot of you- including Saint Bernie, are skating on thin Freaking Ice so much like the delegate count after Tuesday we still have a long way to go.

I doubt if I am the only person who feels this way.

Try to ” BERN” potential voters for BS a little less- remember…every vote counts