The Monster Child

FOWC with Fandango —Child


I stitched myself together

from the remains of my childhood self

Doctor  Frankenstein has nothing on me!

I was focused, driven insane by ambtion

to make something out

of nothing.


I have been asked:

Why use that face?

It’s damaged-it lacks character beauty its crooked and lopsided-  its enough to give anybody nightmares.

Look at those hands- misshapen, bent,  graceless – don’t touch me with those things!

Short, squat- I don’t know  where that body came from- Mother was tiny and petit Grandmother was tall – she had dancers legs and everyone wanted to take her picture.

The voice, oh GOD that voice. Do yourself a favor- talk softly because nobody wants to hear that noise in their ears.

And that brain- oh that defective, slow, colorless  brain-cobbled together by DNA from  the mental defectives on both sides of the family.


I stitched myself together

from the left over bits of my childhood self

the remains and the reminders of people nobody wants to remember

Go away Monster they say, they demand- here’s a dollar buy a clue- get lost kid


now when I look into the mirror

a monster that I created  looks back at me.





Ghost Train

This is how my started out: What Day is it Anyway? 


Today I took the Ghost Train to Seattle aka Coronaville.

I was all alone in the car that I normally ride in and normally there would be at least a dozen people  in here with me.

Today there was just me.

Today I think I learned how a ghost in an empty house feels.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

A.M. Moscoso