Making Camp In Coronaville

On Thursday I was deemed a non-essential worker and as a result of that, I was laid off from work.

I’m lucky, I’m going back to work once we get the all clear.

Truthfully, my feeling are slightly wonky about my situation.

I  take the train to work in Seattle  and I was starting to feel like I was tempting fate everytime I went to work.  My company did offer us, before we were shut down, that we could take time off if we felt like we were compromising our health .

I didn’t feel that way, I just wanted to live my day to day life until I couldn’t.

Then we were sent home- and though I felt a stab of apprehension that being told that after putting in 20 years at the same job that I was being laid off and put on standby was bound to bring up,  I couldn’t disagree with the decision.  My biggest concern was catching the Virus and passing it on to my family – some of who have underlying health conditions that could put them in the high risk.

Up to the day I was was laid off, I spent March away from my family and April is going the same way-but it’s for the best.  I have felt  isolated for over a month now so I guess I can do another with less risk then the previous one I’ve just put in.

So starting on Friday morning I went into isolation and I am relieved. I feel like one less potential carrier out there can only be a benefit to us all.

I now have time to write, reflect, read, listen to Mozart and binge watch Lucifer as many times as I want. It might not seem  like a big grand meme inspiring  ‘how to quarantine’ plan or idea, but’s ok.

I’m only into memes that feature cute cats and dogs.

Besides, what I am thinking about is an image that has been popping into my head everytime I took the steps up from my train.

Back in 2012 the King Tut exhibit came to Seattle and part of the exhibit was a statue of Anubis that was placed in open areas to announce that the exhibit was in town.

Anubis  was impressive and I got to see him every day at work. I mean for a kid whose life’s ambition was to be an archeologist or a Mortician that giant statue looking down into my warehouse was AWESOME.

Now this picture, this image has taken on a new meaning for me.

Now it’s not screaming ‘that was awesome!’

Now it’s saying something far more somber.

It’s saying ‘stay at home.’

That’s it.

Just stay at home.