Doing Time In Coronaville

RDP Friday – Isolate

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I take the train to work and because of the Coronavirus outbreak here in Seattle my train has only about 1/3 of the passengers that it normally carries.

My car only carried 6 passengers- but it was three to many.

Sitting behind me were three Yippy Skippy Millennials who were laughing it up because  they are under the impression that they are immune and ” nobody is really going to die except maybe old sick people” and  isn’t it a joke that people are over reacting and schools restaurants  are shutting down and everyone is washing their hands every six seconds but at least ” nobody is on the train, so there’s all this room hahahaha.”

That line jingled in my head. ” No one is on the train. ”

When we got to Seattle and we were leaving the car,  I sort of bumped one of the Yippy Skippy Millennials with my backpack and when she turned around to see what was up I stared at her blankly, I do a great expressionless face after all I used to care for the dead- and brushed by her.

Of course, under normal circumstances I would have apologized for the bump and no way would I have nudged anybody out of my way because that’s rude.

But I didn’t apologize.

What was the point?

Because after all. Nobody was on the train with them.

And I am sure she is just fine.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

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