The Secrets

FOWC with Fandango — Ceremony

Death knows secrets-

what you smelled like, what you saw  before your eyes stopped talking to your brain who you called out for, under your breath,  in the end.

Death keeps those secrets under lock and key in a room with a single chair made of oak and a window that looks out over a river and it’s dark red water reflects the sun and moon as they die every night together.


The Mortician who dressed you, the Apprentice who embalmed you, the Receptionist

who helped put your in your coffin that day

do not work in secret.


Sometimes they listen to music when they work and sometimes they worry about the drive home at the end of the day and will the traffic be bad? What’s for dinner,  they will say to each other and sometimes to you.


When everyone goes home and leave you to rest under a cool blanket of Earth and sod there in the dark, will you dream? Will you mourn for what used to be, will Death visit you again for a chat?  Will your new neighbors ask you to rise up and join them for a stroll  to the river where you can watch the Sun and the Moon die together every night?

How will it make you feel? Will you laugh? Will you cry? Will  the sight of it give you nightmares?

Death knows your secrets and it keeps them under lock and key.


Okay Bro

This Bernie Bro has echoed the sentiment of lots of Bernie Bros after the primary in South Carolina and to some extent before, that ” Black Voters ” owe Bernie their votes, support and gratitude because Sanders marched with Martin Luther King Jr. ( not exactly correct info on behalf of this particular Bro- read HERE )


If we follow The Bernie Bro’s Logic, then somebody better get to work and find out the name of every single white person who marched with MLK so that every single ” Black Voter ” can show their thanks by supporting them – without question and in all of their endeavors- whether they agree with them or not.

Truly Berners, this is not helping anyone, you sound a teensy bit obnoxious and heavy handed so as an fyi you might want to read this:

There Is No Such Thing as the ‘Black Vote’


Here’s What Bernie Sanders Actually Did in the Civil Rights Movement