Yeah, I’m Here

Light Motifs II Prompt: Come Here Often? [socs]

On the 10th I officially put in 2 weeks of no fooling around, no cheating by running off to the store to get my socializing fix, keeping six feet away from people I did run into when I’m out walking my dog.

I didn’t sneak off in my car and drive around because I needed to get out and reassure myself that the world is still there. I know it’s still there and I know that I will be a less part of it then I am now- of that I am sure. So when I get back to it, I will get back to it.

In this regard I am like other people, I like to think about ‘ after’ the Stay At Home orders are lifted and what I’ll do and where I will go.

I have a few plans- going to take a few road trips and I’m not going to tell anyone where I’m going because  I really do hate anyone knowing exactly where I am and what I’m doing and what I’m feeling.

That’s why I post stupid memes on FB- my head is private real estate and I only share what is in it when I write. I’m comfortable with that. And people who find that those memes are all they need to know about me is fine too.

So  I have posted songs about two songs about homes – it’s how I feel about that joint in my head where I live and do time, where I play and plan and dream.


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