The Endless Railway

June 26th Prompt: The endless railway

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I commute to work on the endless railway.

I ride in a car where I’m not alone, even if I’m the only person sitting in it because

I am sitting with the ghosts of people I used to ride with everyday and I do sort of miss now, even though they used to step on my feet and gave me dirty looks because I took ‘their seat’.

I commute to work on the endless railway where my fellow travelers fill the air and have taken the seats and cling to the handrails where people used to sit and stand and fret over their cell carriers and gossiped about

that lady with the cacophonic laugh and the guy who talked about how many guns he owned

every single day

I ride on an enless railway

and I wonder


I will finally make it home.

Photo A,M. Moscoso