Save The Date

Lucifer season 5 Premiers on Netflix on August 21st ( BINGEWATCH!) and as a teaser they released a montage Lucifer’s Greatest Hits.

I watched it.


So far.

All Hail Lucifer Baby.

The Skinny

RDP Tuesday – What If

What if I gave you the skinny on some pictures I took, stripped away the distractions ( like color ) and told you a little story about each one?

I’d be glad to.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Fox Lake, Wisconsin– I thought this would make a great opening shot for a horror movie. Why? Because that’s how my mind works. That’s why.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Here’s the skinny. Someone died next to the tracks and when I took the picture I had no idea that had happened. I just saw a bunch of police cars and was going to send the picture to my friends who used to scam free parking down here and freak them out into thinking they were all going to get towed.

LOL on me I guess.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Anubis at the King Street Station in Seattle. He was there for the King Tut exhibit a few years ago. Anubis is gone and in his place is something called a ” sanitation station ” for the homeless people so they can have a place to clean up a bit and try to avoid spreading the coronavirus among their community.

I thought you’d rather see the picture of Anubis instead of one of a well maintained port-a-potty and a hand washing station. If not, well. Ugh on you.


Did You Hear That?

I love radio shows from the old days so now and then I try to dig some up and post thembut I think they are so neat I’m going to make it a regular thing.

So to start off

here are three episodes from some programs that I enjoy:

Inner Sanctum always had great stories, but my favorite part was when the psycho narrator sold Lipton Chicken soup before and after the show.

Inner Sanctum Mystery

Orson Welles…come on how could this NOT be great?

Tales From The Black Museum

The Whistler! I love the whole intro and the stories which were pretty edgy back in the day. My Aunt said she usually couldn’t make it to far into the episodes before freaking out.

The Whistler