Five Things: Movies

Dr. Tanya asks us to list 5 movies we love to watch over and over again and into that mix I decided to add a few short- and I do mean short films. I also included an interpretation of classic that I never actually watched at all.

First up- Five Million Years to Earth- because it deals with Devils and Martians- OMG IN THE SAME FILM- how perfect is that?

I also listed A Christmas Carol because it is one of the best Ghost Stories EVER.

This Is ” Scary Mary “- which I think was a hit for awhile because it took Mary to another level. However, I felt like it actually told a fairy tale in the traditional fairy tale style- which is always dark and always wicked. Love that tradition.

This is what I reach for when I write a short story- to see that in a film was pretty amazing. Aside from the obvious- the characters ( who I felt I had a handle on in a flash ) , the plot, that ending were perfect:

The Silent was one of those stories that everyone thought they pegged and labled.

It turns out that didn’t happen very well because no one could ‘explain it’.

However what everyone agreed on was that it is haunting and it does get under your skin and I’m sure that was the point:

Prompt: 5 Movies you love to watch over and over again: