The Sweet And The Salty


I was going through this phase where I didn’t write about the things I ususally write about- the macabre, death, curses and hexes, demons and devils and monsters.

There didn’t seem to be a place for it right now.

At least, that was the message I got from my FB newsfeed- people were asking each other to not be so dark.

I thought that maybe this wasn’t the time to make a dark world just a little darker so I toned it down.

But then…ah yes BUT THEN

it occurred to me that I was making the world a sunny, happy place for people who were telling me what to think and how to feel and what to see and say.

Who does that?

When my dog barks, I let him get a few good woofs in because that’s what dogs do- they bark.

So guess what.

How about you let me bark and I’ll let you shine.


What am I saying.

No deal.

Let’s just be who we are.



Photo: Terry Preshaw


This is the face of a Trump Supporter.

Teeth clenched, lips pulled back into a grimace- his MAGA cap planted firmly on his head.

This photo was taken at a rally calling for the recall of a Snohomish County Sheriff:

( Briefly )

Snohomish County Sheriff Fortney has reinstated officers that were deemed to have made unconstitutional searches by the previous sheriff. He reinstated another officer that committed an unjustified shooting leading to the death of an Edmonds man.

In addition he has declared that the Governor’s stay at home order is unconstitutional

Photo: Terry Preshaw

So at this rally to recall the Sheriff, a Trump Supporter went up to a group of protestors and stuck his face near theirs and breathed on them.

He did it because he feels it is his right to spread a virus that could kill someone, he did it because he wants his America back.

He did it to make his President proud and I am pretty sure he has.