The Wolf

For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Music Challenge prompt, we were given the Bill Withers song, “Just the Two of Us.” and the suggestion to let this song and castles and rainbows and flowers be our inspiration.

It would be easy to find a love song about two people ‘chasing rainbows in the sky’ because I know them a bunch of them and I’m crazy about them.

But sometimes inspiration takes on a life of it’s own.

I was inspired to go waaaayyy outside the box and I chose ” Little Red Riding Hood ” and in particular a I chose Amanda Seyfried version because at the heart of it, this is a song about someone who is passionately in love with a person that they can never show their heart to and in this version you can hear it clear as a dark path on a moonlit night.

Of course, as the Wolf and the object of the Wolf’s desire are strolling through the dark and dangerous woods they never actually touch but the intimacy, the passion, the longing is there in every single word.

I find that heartbreakingly romantic.

I also wanted to include the original version by Sam The Sham so you can hear the different spin on passion- in the original version you can hear this a tease, it’s flirting, it’s two people having a little fun out there in the woods.

It isn’t any less passionate though.

So I hope you enjoy my post today and I hope you enjoy the song I’ve selected.


Mismatched Eyes

Thursday Inspiration 60- “Beast”

It doesn’t need teeth

or claws

it doesn’t feed on flesh or blood or bone

it’s never been born and it will never die

the beast in my head with the mismatched eyes.

It never flinches and it’s always hungry

sometimes it lives in the walls

it creeps down the hall

to where I don’t sleep

and my nightmares beg

for release

from the beast in my head with mismatched eyes.