It’s Boom Day Y’all

Sure, yes, right.

Today it’s all about Freedoms and Flags and forcing that tear out of the corner of your eye when you stand on a corner at a 4th of July parade and little girls dressed up like Betsy Ross ride by on a float waving little flags on sticks.

But the reality is, it’s Boom Day Y’all.

It’s all about things that go zip and pop and kaboom and barbequed burgers and side dishes drenched in mayonnaise and bottles of beer  chillng in a kiddie pool with a watermelon and shooting off the last of your fireworks at three in the morning.

As a side note, in the midst of your revelries try not blow off your fingers with your customized fireworks , or shoot a bottle rocket into your neighbor’s eye or hump your gun and up sending a bullet into your own house and leaving a hole in your tv.

Really though, have fun- why not? Just try not to maim anyone or set anything on fire. Boom Day falls on a Saturday so you can have loads of fun and not just a little if you play your cards right.

I’m going to end off here with some videos that I believe both express and add some much needed tone to the day, because for as silly as I think the 4th is, I do love to roast marshmallows with my feet up and sip on Sangria under the starlight.