Sometimes Goodbye Means Hello

” Do you know what he said, ” she told the Hospice Nurse as she closed the door softly behind her ” he said that he didn’t regret the time we spent together- even though our marriage ended. And that it ended badly. He said he always loved me. That his memories of me were all good ones. “

The Nurse rested her hand on her forearm softly, briefly. It was a reassuring touch. ” That was lovely. “

They exchanged a few more words and then the woman thanked her for her help and then she drifted down the hall, through the doors.

They clicked shut

and then she was gone.

She didn’t want to be there, she had told the Nurse when she had called earlier, when his girlfriend and her niece showed up. Until she arrived the Nurse wasn’t sure how this last meeting was going to play out.

It went well she thought. It seemed like two people who had been hurt and angry were setting that all aside. Sometimes people really did get their priorities right.

Marjorie opened the door to see if he was resting, to see if he needed anything when she noticed his pillow wasn’t under his head.

Where was it she wondered?

“There it is!” Her brain screamed in her skull.

It’s right there,

over his face.


FOWC with Fandango — Cynical

The Guest Room

Putting My Feet In The Dirt July Writing Prompt: #17. Sorrows of the soul

Lochan Ellis knew there at least two ghosts living in the closet in the spare room next to hers. There was probably one or two monsters living under the bed that nobody ever slept in and she was sure that the mirror in the corner was home to countless lost souls.

It’s not like Lochan had some special power that let her see into the next world-everyone, her Mother, her father and her three brothers all new that the spare room was full of troubled spirits.

In fact, if you went by for a visit and you were sitting in the kitchen snacking on home baked cookies you would hear them too- you might even see something run by you out of the corner of your eye.

I’m pulling your leg.

It wouldn’t be one of the troubled spirits that lived in the spare room, that blur would be one of the family cats who always seemed to know when the Spirits upstairs were a little more agitated then normal.

Despite the fact that the Ellis family home was infested with all sorts of troubled Souls, no one in Lochan’s family called for a Priest or a Ghost Hunter or a Pyschic to deal with their spareroom that was painted light green, they didn’t even bother to lock it because nobody ever went into it and whatever was in there seemed to be content with it’s place under the bed, inside of the closet or trapped in the mirror.

Sometimes at dinner or at lunch or when they were watching tv they would hear a thump, singing and sneezing coming from above their heads but they just turned the sound up on the tv or they talked a little louder around the dinner table and went on with their lives and they let the occupants in the spare room get on with theirs.

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Lochan kept the house and in that time she married and divorced a few times. She never had children and she never had company over, not because of the Spirits and Ghosts and Monsters upstairs in the spare room- it wasn’t because her cats would sit on the dining room table and hiss at the ceiling ( the spare room was right over the dining room ) but she had discovered over the years


people spent a lot of time pretending that the things that scared and horrified them, like the things upstairs, weren’t real and if you ignored them they would go away.

She knew better then that.