Putting My Feet In The Dirt July Writing Prompts #4 Perfectly puffy

The perfect puffy head of hair.

The perfect puffy dress

The perfect song about being a Puffy Puffer Fish.

I’m not so sure I’m crazy that you should grind yourself down to fit in, but Henry thought it was worth it.

Idle Hands Need Love Too

RDP Friday – Lazy

The devil tempts men, but idle men tempt the devil.

Turkish Proverb



When I was put on Stand By and was off work for a month, I’d get these calls from people who said things like,

” I’ll bet you’re bored like me.”


No I wasn’t.

If I could write through the death of friends, family members and huge swaths of my life, being ‘bored’ wasn’t something that plagued me. No matter what, I could keep writing and posting at my blog.

Other times I’d get texts from other people who bemoaned the fact that they couldn’t get their hair done and that they looked like S%@T.

I wanted to text back, ” I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t think anyone cares what your hair looks like. They’re to worried about their own hair to notice.”

And then I’d get instant messages about how Covid-19 was a ” Democrat Hoax.”

First off all, I wanted to say, you sound like a Bubba when you talk like that. The correct phrase is” Democratic Hoax ” and if I wanted to prank you it would involve eggs, toilet paper and electricity. Not some plot line from a lame Netflix movie.

But I wasn’t at full speed. I was sort of lazy myself. Bedeviling people requires commitment, attention to detail and mountains of hot crispy golden McDonalds french fries.

Lucky for us all I couldn’t get those french fries back in April.

But I can now.

My Beautiful Grotesque

Fandango’s Friday Flashback — July 17

I wrote this last year at this time:

Someone coaxed you gently

out of stone and clay

someone tried to give you life

from marble and a little paint.

They twisted your smile into a scream

they gave you the face of a beast

then they set you away and placed you up high

where gentle human eyes cannot reach.

But I will come up after you,

I will gently carry you down

I will give you a home among my cats and dog

and place you where it’s always warm.

I will name you beautiful grotesque

and you can call me the same.

I wasn’t forged in stone or clay

but sometimes I feel that way.