The Treasure Room

Fandango’s Dog Days of August Prompt #5 : Inheritance

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My Mother’s long dark hair

my father’s flawless golden skin

my Grandma’s long fingers

my Grandfather’s square and perfect chin.

I have my Auntie’s voice

I treasure my Uncle’s smile

and sometimes when I look into the mirror

I see my Great Grannie’s eyes

and they seem to say:



” They’re going to catch you one of these days you psychopath. “

But I doubt it.

I really do.

I always keep the door to my treasure room locked

and my knives are sharp and handy.










4 thoughts on “The Treasure Room

    • Funny thing is, I heard my Great Grandmother’s voice saying that line and I almost fell over laughing because I had no idea that was going to pop up. It was just meant to be I guess.

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