Bring In The Clown

FOWC with Fandango-SCALAWAG

Photographer Unknown

At one of our Thanksgiving dinners

one of the guests leaned back in his chair and said to us:

” Well it looks like I’m officially one of you all now. “

A little puzzled, we asked what he meant. We had known him for years. A few of us had grown up with him.

” I’m a minority like you guys. So that makes me practically family. “

I grimaced. I knew where this was going.

” I’m a white Christian working class man. I’m a minority now. Just like you guys.”

Yes. He really said that.

To a family of Filipinos and Latinos.

With a smile.

A big one.

I Totally Meant To Do That

Word of the Day Challenge: COVFEFE


Walked through the mall

with my head held high

my makeup by Dior

wow did I shine!


My hair was behaving

it looked pretty fine

for once my bra did it’s magic

and the girls were my pride.


To bad my skirt was stuck up

 over my behind

and my undies were the faded ones

with mickey mouse on a bike.


But I kept on walking because-