Fifty Ways To Leave The White House

Some of us need to hear this song more then others.

The beauty of it is- we can all enjoy it.


The problem is all inside your head, we all agree.
You were voted out so now you’re just a wannabe.
We’d like to doff your ass from public property.
There must be 50 ways to leave the White House.
You know, it’s really not my habit to intrude,
but the oval office ain’t the place for you to sit and brood.
It’s time to just move on beCause you’re redefining rude.
There must be fifty ways to leave the White House.
Fifty ways to leave the White House
What’s admitting that you lost cost?
Grow a pair and backtrack.
Let go of that plot you got.
There’s no foul play.
We can help you look for the door.
That’s what elections are for.
On your very last prey-day
just hit the highway.
So do your little pout flout
and and have a little vaunt flaunt.
It will not a thing bring
however you cling.
Slink away to your coast post.
That’s first and foremost.
This country’s not a king thing
even though it might sting.
You know, it grieves me so to see you cause more pain,
so there was something that we did so it cannot occur again.
And it is not a big surprise we must repeatedly explain
about the fifty ways
We watched you lie and cheat your way
through life for all those years.
And then you used the same approach to play
upon the country’s fears.
But now all that is done.
Can’t you hear the cheers?
There must be fifty ways to leave the White House.
Fifty ways to leave the White House
When that you weren’t picked clicks
Climb over that tall wall.
There’s nowhere to hide.
Biden knows the White House.
Just take a little backpack
or wait for the black jackets
to without a doubt out
both you and your spouse.
This is a required fired.
Get over your deny lie.
You’re about to be long-gone
‘cause your ass got beat.
Got the “didn’t wanna lose blues”
something you can’t refuse.

Written and Performed by Don Caron Executive Producers Sally Headley, Jack Heighway and Jerry Pender