Tough Guys on Phones


You don’t like the color of my skin?

My story, my hair, think I’m brain dead

just some mongrel a nobody from the suburbs

with a funny name?

You think I’m a sheeple

a follower

a bitch at the end of the Democrat’s leash?


That’s what you said to me

on line

on a message board

clouded by the noise of the internet

you thought you were talking to a stranger.


But guess what genius.

We sit next to each other on the train.

I saw what you typed on your phone.

I KNOW you.

Yee Haw champ.




Word of The Day Challenge: Triumph

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Monsters should have sharp teeth and fangs

razors for claws, horns on their heads

yellow eyes, mummified skin.

Monsters should disappear at dawn

into graves, closets, caves where darkness lives.


Monsters do not  drive pickup trucks

wave around guns, wrap themselves in flags

Now is the time to

let monsters be  monsters again

from this midnight on.

Last Saturday

FOWC with Fandango — Hysterical

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On Saturday Morning I was in bed  watching the news when I learned that candidate Joe Biden was now  President Elect  Joe Biden.

The first thing I did was run out to the living room and turn the living room tv on -just in case the news was different from the one on the bedroom tv- you know, in case Twitler was winning on one channel and Biden on another.

I know that as a ‘libtard’ and a woman whose Mother is from one of those” Sh*& Hole Countries ” as designated by the soon to be former President of the U.S.  I am aware some people might expect that brainless  reaction, so I thought I’d throw that line in there.

All kidding aside, I wanted to see what MSNBC and CNN and the local news stations were reporting.

I checked off my list and figured that a bunch of eyes and brains had done the math and we had us a WINNER.

I sort of skated across the floor to my stereo to chose some music to play- what would it be?

Glen Miller? Brian Setzer? The Ramones? Come on Anita Marie. CHOOSE!

So I did.

I chose my favorite Christmas cd by St Martins.


Because when the clouds broke and I felt a real glimmer of hope wing back into my life  after four years of living in Trumphumperstan  my first reaction was to play Christmas music.

Hysterical as my reaction was.

It seemed like the right thing to do.

Later that evening me and the Green Fairy had a chat about my day and a good time was had by all.