Perfect Together

Holidailies Prompt: The Perfect Holiday

Photographer Unknown


I can’t  leave you my darling  Halloween.


I can’t walk away from  your creaking floorboards

that I can hear from outside of my  bedroom door

that snap and pop like dry  brittle bones

when the clock chimes out

” It’s  midnight! “


I don’t want to say goodbye to the sounds of  rusty  rattling chains that crawl and slither  from

my basement, from my  attic, from the space between the library walls

to my  parlor

warmed by a roaring fire where I’m alone with my somber  thoughts and sorrowful


How will I live without the cries of lonely ghosts, souls in torment and the Hellhounds

that wander through my garden  after the Sunsets?

Dearest Halloween, my dark friend we must part ways for now.

Let’s meet again in the Fall under the Oak Tree in my backyard,

you know the one.

The one I swung from all those years ago.






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