Word of the Day Challenge: Desperation

Dear Mr Dickens,

As you know I spend the fall an winter months reading your books and short stories.

I read them slowly because I love to savor each word, I want to let the images come together in my mind’s eye bit by bit, and I have to admit I spend more time with your darker characters then I do with your more noble creations.

So this year, Mr Dickens I am wondering what sort of stories would you write if you could see the world I am living in today.

It’s almost Christmas, there is a Plague burning it’s way across the United States and a percentage of our population has no problem with risking other people’s lives so that they can go out and get drunk, hang out at the mall or get their nails done.

I hope I don’t turn into Miss Havisham- but at this point in time I totally get her.

But I digress.

I do wonder what kinds of stories you would tell- would you find endearing characters? Would you be able to recall the places, the way they were lit what they felt like and smelled of?

Would you want to?

I can’t do that Mr Dickens, my eyes are shut so tight against the world and what I see everyday that I don’t know if I will be able to open them again.

I am in a desperate situation and I’m not sure what to do.

So when I go out and walk my dog, when I ride the train home, when I have to interact with my neighbors or people at work, I asked myself –

What would Charles Dickens Do? Would he absorb this grim gray world and then write about it? Would you want the decay and hatred to worm it’s way into your skull on purpose?

Would you do that for a story  Mr Dickens?

I wonder.

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