Christmas Fun That Is Funny

Photographer Unknown

I thought this was really a neat idea- someone put their Christmas tree outside and decorated it with birdfeeders and lights.

I could never have done this because I have always had cats, but I did used to put up bat houses- I guess I could have decorated those, don’t you think?

A.M. Moscoso

In Iceland there is a tradition called Jólabókaflóð—the Yule Book Flood and people give each other books on Christmas Eve. I was going to do something like that, but like a lot of my Christmas plans- among many others- were put on hold.

However I will be giving chocolates and snacks because if I don’t I probably won’t have any friends left to give books to next year.

I like to track Santa with the help of NORAD- plus they have fun games that you can share with your kids or just play them  yourselves because it’s Christmas!!!

 I can’t figure out how to win most of them, but I do like the memory games.

Official NORAD Santa Tracker: HERE

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