Who Keeps Doing That?

Word of The Day: Snooze

I think it is possible

that my life is wired to a snooze button

and somebody somewhere

keeps slamming their hand down on top of it

for the Hell of it I guess.


Maybe that’s the reason it feels like

my life stops and stalls and I get stuck

at the side of the road, sucking in road dust all day

and from nowhere I can hear someone yelling,

” Five more minutes. I swear. Just five more minutes. “


That can’t be me yelling for five more minutes

that can’t be me slamming my hand down

on top of that snooze button

that is wired to my life

it just can’t be me, why would I do that to myself?

Caturdays are The Best Days EVER!

It’s Caturday!

Spend it with someone you


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