The Writer

Putting My Feet In The Dirt Prompt #2 Twisted Oak Paths and Blooming Breezes


If you want to write about life

you have to live it!

Read a mountain of books, eat right, get plenty sleep

travel to the the French Corner for Halloween

and order a drink called the Toxic Baby


Then MAYBE you can cobble a piece together

and MAYBE someone will buy it from you

and then and only then

will you be an honest to goodness writer

a master of your craft.


BUT if what I write about is


but if what  I write about  are monsters

but if I write about a warped world and the warped people who live in it

wouldn’t it be better if


I took a little mirror and left it on my desk

and when I am creating a world where nothing is fair

and everyone has a dark heart filled with dark desires and deeds

I just look at it

and say, ” so Anita Marie, what do you have to say today?”






Dogs and Gods

RDP Thursday: PLUM


I want to be sweet


I want to shine and I want people to paint pictures of me

to create recipes that feature me

to sit under my tree and dream and freak out when the yellow jackets

start to buzz around their faces


I want artists to draw me

and I want to have my likeness stitched on fancy underwear

I want to be prized by Vegans and Wiccans

and celebrated at their altars and their restaurants named

after their Dogs and Gods.


I want to be a plum

I wanted to be devoured

and swallowed,baked and stewed and candied

and in the end I hope you devour so much of me

you spend hours upon hours in the littlest room in the house.

I Guess I Am Bitter

Word of he Day Challenge: Vaccine

Oskar Kokoschka – Knight, Death and Angel I, 1910.


when our state shut down

I was deemed

a non-essential worker and laid off work.


“Lucky you!” Said some people. They actually said that.

“Now you get a government paid vacation.”

I didn’t feel lucky.

It wasn’t a vacation and I had to beg for my benefits every Sunday night.


Then the vaccine was rolled out

and again I was deemed non-essential- back of the line for me

and  I stopped looking at my news feed on FB

because Essential people wouldn’t shut the hell up about their shots.


You were deemed essential

you got to keep your job

you were essential so you got your vaccine,  you were safe and protected

I got a cloth mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Didn’t you see that happening?


And then as the fourth wave hits

I got my shots and my job back but this is what I know:

I didn’t end up in the hospital but a lot of people did.

They were essential. We just were not essential enough.