I Had A Face

Word of The Day Challenge: Relationship

René Magritte (1928) The Lovers #1

Does it matter what  look like when I smile, when I laugh, when I cry?

Does it matter what I smell like when I’m angry, what I feel like when I’m angry? What I sound  like when I yell out in pain?

Does it matter that I never wore the right dresses? Sniffed my wine before I sipped it? Never read the right books? Kissed the right way?

It never mattered

to you because

I never had a face

you couldn’t describe it

because when you looked at it,  your eyes were always closed


René Magritte “The Lovers II,”

Oh Lizzie, You Did It

Lizzie Borden- she was a woman- she was a killer -and she got away with two of the most hands on brutal killings in American History.

To refresh your memory, Lizzie lived in a state where  ( in 1692 anyway )  you could just accuse a woman of being a witch and have her executed…just like that.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in 1892 women ( including Lizzie ) didn’t even have the right to vote-

that didn’t happen until 1920.

Anyway- I think she did it but to this day Lizzie has her supporters and they say she’s innocent.

One of the arguments in her defense- which I think underscores the fact that Lizzie was found innocent because of her sex- was based on the time lines established for the killings.

Lizzie’s  Stepmother was supposed to have been killed an hour or so before her Father.

The theory is that it was very unlikely that  someone ( like a WOMAN ) who inflicted that kind of damage on a  person with an AX could have left a dead mutilated body upstairs and gone on with her day  and then come back later and did the same to someone else.

Have you ever seen the pictures of Andrew Borden?

Whoever did that was good and angry, they had worked themselves up into a mindless rage and that kind of rage can happen in the blink of an eye or it can build up…


over an hour or so.


Link Photos From: The Chancery House

And visit: Lizzie Borden Virtual Museum and Library