The Backrow Student

Word of The Day Challenge: APPLICATION

Franz von Stuck “Dissonanz,”

I took singing lessons

lots and lots of singing lessons

of course I could not sing

but did that stop me?

It did not! I’d belt those ugly sounding  notes out anyway by jingo.


I took driving lessons

but did I learn to drive well

did I learn all of the rules

was I going to be a skillful and confident driver?

Oh heck no! But I know that. So I don’t drive like a jackass.


I used to take

all kinds of classes

and I bombed out of each and every one.

Did I ever learn to sew or write screenplays? Did I learn anything at all?

I did not. I am the black hole of any education system you toss my way.


What I did learn was to fail

and I suppose that is the most important lesson to learn of them all.

I can fail on an epic  scale with a smile and dignity and grace.

I can even  crash and burn and lick my own wounds.

Which, really is not such a bad thing to know how to do.


Feral Shadows


By Martin Lewis

I write about the shadows

that cling to the walls

and hide in the trees

and sneak away from fires and splashes of light

as slow as they want, or in the blink of an eye.


I don’t joke about them

I don’t tame them

I don’t try to capture them and bend them

into shapes and words we don’t have to fear

and can control.


So I sit at my desk

patiently in the dark, with just a little light to see by

maybe some music to keep me company

just waiting for the door to creak open

and I always hold my breath for the Night’s feral shadows to join me.