Sincerely Yours

Word of the Day Challenge: Telephone

Gertrude Abercrombie

I remember writing letters

and shopping for stationary and fountain pens

and stickers shaped like fish that glittered,

some of them even had googly eyes.

I remember knowing how much a stamp cost

and how much it cost to mail letters to Scotland and Turkey

and how long it would take for them to get there.


I remember sharing a phone

with my family

and yelling at my brother to hurry up

and for my Sister to hang up if all she was going to say was

” oh my god really? ”

and I remember my  Dad would pitch a fit  when the phone bill came in

and he had to cough up the  $12.00 for something  “he never used”


I remember when talking to each other


and listening mattered

and knowing how much a stamp cost mattered

and knowing where the pay phones were mattered

and writing letters mattered

I remember when people said, ‘ it’s nice to hear from you ‘ because it was.

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