Deck The Halls

Their bedroom pitch black and cold- Jingle couldn’t get a wink of sleep if it wasn’t pitch black and cold. So, Milo kept their room as icy as  tomb Jingle or would spend every second talking and he needed his sleep as much as anybody else.

” Can you hear that? ” Jingle asked her husband Milo.

“Hear what? ”

” Breathing. I can hear it breathing. ” she pointed to the wall next to the door.

Milo dropped his head back on his pillow. ” Get a grip Jingle. ”

Jingle pulled the covers  – far more then she needed to her side of the bed and she snapped, ” I’m telling you I can hear it breathing,”

Milo snapped the blankets back. ” It’s a Halloween decoration. It is NOT breathing.  WHY did you get that thing? Why? I told you it was going to freak you out. I told you to hang it up downstairs WITH ALL OF THE OTHER HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS. ”

Jingle pulled the blankets up to her chin. ” Fine. It wasn’t one of my better ideas. I just wanted the bedroom to look festive too. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t hear what I said I heard.  Just shut up for a second. ”

Milo stopped talking and Jingle whispered. ” Can you hear it?  It’s breathing. ”

” Is it supposed to do that? ” he asked her.

She shook her head. ” No. ”

They could both hear it now- it was wheezing a little and with each little wheeze there was a tiny little whistle too. It was high pitched and very annoying.

” Maybe- ”

Jingle threw the covers back. ” Look Milo, I’m not breathing, you’re not breathing, we do not breath so-”

” So what?”

” Fix it. ” she said.

Milo flew out of bed, he gracelessly thumped  as he  crawled up the wall and across the ceiling.

“It’s cold out here you know. ” Milo said to his wife.

She rolled her eyes up and in the pitch black Milo told her, ” I can see that look on your face . Grow up Jingle.”

Then he slid down the wall next to Jingle’s Halloween decoration.

It was indeed still breathing.

Milo ran his hand down the front of the decoration and when he found the spike that was holding it up against the wall a he pushed it into it’s chest a little further and then he heard a little pop.

He listened, Jingle listened.

It was quiet.

” Thank you Milo. I promise I’ll hang it up downstairs with the rest of the decorations tonight. ”

” That would be fine.” Milo whispered gently as he slid into bed.

“Good morning Jingle. Sleep tight. ”

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