Not All That Glitters


Among chunks of stone, sand we sometimes find treasure:

On 26 November Carter, with Carnarvon, Lady Evelyn and assistant Arthur Callender in attendance, made a “tiny breach in the top left-hand corner” of the doorway, using a chisel that his grandmother had given him for his 17th birthday. He was able to peer in by the light of a candle and see that many of the gold and ebony treasures were still in place and a sealed doorway between two sentinel statues. Carnarvon asked, “Can you see anything?” Carter replied: “Yes, wonderful things”

Photo By A.M Moscoso King Tut final Tour 2012 Seattle WA

I do wonder what the archeologist said when they  found some of the victims of Mount Vesuvius behind a wall that hid an ancient boat house.

They weren’t Pharaohs or their Queens and they weren’t surrounded by gold but their story was a real treasure – ask writers and anyone who can’t unsee this photo:

Remains of people who were buried in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the forcini, or boathouses, at the ancient beach of Herculaneum, Italy, Aug. 2, 2012. A pair of studies published Jan. 23, 2020, offer new evidence for how the Vesuvius eruption killed some of HerculaneumÕs people. (Gianni Cipriano/The New York Times)

Not all that glitters is gold.