Just Call Me Lola



Back in the 70’s when I  was a little kid,

when my brother or cousins ( the boys ) or my neighborhood friends ( the boys )

did things like pulling pranks on our teachers, or taking dares or they broke windows

if they laughed to much or to loud and told dirty jokes

they got called ‘lil rascals and scamps.


When me and my friend Linda did those things, we got hauled into the Principal’s

Office, our parents got called and we were tagged as show-offs and big mouths on the

verge of not only becoming delinquents, but possibly mental defectives too.


When I was a teenager ( and well into my adult life ) guys who cheated on their

girlfriends  were scamps and rascals.

If you were a girl and did the same thing, you were a slut.


Lola Montez
By: Joseph K. Stieler

Lola Montez was a dancer, she was witty she had a wild love life, she horse whipped an editor who gave one of her performances a bad review.

Lola was a rascal.

Let me tell you a little secret.

My granddaughter calls me what a lot of Filipino children called their Grandmothers- to Jemma,  I am Lola.

That’s not exactly the only reason I decided to have her call me Lola and maybe one day

I’ll tell her.

Or maybe I won’t.

I’m a rascal, what more can I say?